He’s a Chemist

Christopher Cobb born 08/09/1989, better known by his stage name the CHEMIST (/ˈkeməst/)  is an American record producer. Originally from Richmond, Virginia. Chemist has been heavily involved in music producing since 2006.

He is especially known for his music production, with a style that includes the use of different drum kits, soul samples and sparse beats that has proved highly influential.

Chemist is the middle of 4 siblings From age 30-35 . Chemist was inspired by Kanye West ,  who had a profound influence in his production style. He has a wide-range of styles, sounds and genres and is no stranger to music experimentation thus, that’s why he is called “The Chemist”.

Chemist is also an avid video game expert and he is exceptionally skilled in NBA 2K, Fight Night Champion, Call of Duty  and Grand Theft Auto. His love for video games has also been catalyst for his goal to get placements for his music on these and other popular video game series.

Chemist has produced several hit singles for a number of prominent artists across different music genres, such as hip hop, popsoulrock and R&B including production work with Meek Mill and Nipsey Hustle. Aside from music, Chemist has also added multiple entrepreneurial endeavors to his repertoire. He now has his own brand of  Delta 9  and Delta 8 CBD together with his own apparel which includes hoodies, shirts, Trucker’s Cap, back packs and many more.